Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yeeeep! Lied again! Twice!

Okay I'm off to a bad start.

-First I lied about post length;
-Then I lied about everything on here being sketches;
-AND I lied to myself about never finishing drawing after 11h PM.

I was so caught up with the techniques I'm developing to draw quick, accurate and realistic characters that I began to grow over-optimistic. Yes, the kind of "optimistic" that robs you of your precious sleep. It happens to me mostly when inspiration takes my brain hostage and forces me to draw until the juice is all out.

So here's my thoughts on my progress to greatness so far:
1.Clothes, skin, hair, lighting, color and eyes are not going to be problems;
2. Guns... I made an oath to myself to draw REAL weapons... that's going to be a problem. I have to draw them much much much faster;
3. Vehicles... I have no stinkin' idea how that's going to work out so yeah, it's going to take some time;
4. I have yet to produce any kind of background, much less forests or ruined cities. This is what frightens me the most. I'll have to read tons of comics to find a quick way to draw something half-decent and learn the shortcuts...

To sum it all up, it's only now that I realize I created some kind of a ferocious beast... It's going to test my patience... and my girlfriend's. Love you honey :)

So ANYWAY, I present to you... Cassie :

Go nuts.

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