Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back in the saddle again (I hope)


It's been a long and testing summer. Without trying to make it sound too much like I'm making up excuses for my sudden disappearance, the summer of 2009 has pretty much been the low point of my 28 years as a human on this planet. Seriously though it could be much worse, but since the beginning of July, I've been hit with a flood of really depressing events. From the death of a close one to a severe injury that keeps me from practicing virtually any sport, it just seems I’m paying the bills for all the good karma I’ve spent. But hey, that means it can't be worse right?

Enough with the complaints and on with the news: I’m currently digging deep in my motivation to get this thing on the road. I’ve fallen way back on my current schedule because of my slacking off but I’ve continued writing and thinking this project still. I also picked up my pencils recently and got back to drawing which is always a good sign.

My estimate is that I’m roughly 20% ready from publishing the first page to the open public. Initially, I set January 2010 as a deadline but this is virtually impossible to meet given the fact that I’ve been practically inactive since May.

I still have a lot to practice and I didn’t yet find a comfort zone in terms of weekly schedule. When I’m comfortable with my rhythm I’ll try to draw a few pages and if I’m happy with the results, I’ll be posting and you’ll be reading ;)


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